Workout Re-work

So today marks the beginning of week 2 since I decided to start Calisthenics. When I began I thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult to start especially since I had been bodybuilding and weight training and conditioning myself for over a year and a half now.

Boy, was I wrong.

Using the intermediate template available on Reddit kicked my ass before I even started the strength training. Before I started the strength training. The warmups are supposed to warm you up but I was working up a real sweat just doing these drills; it’s good because it signals that it’s going to work, my body is working hard to respond to this new stimulus. Only problem was that parts of the warmup routine were bloody hard, whereas other parts were bloody easy!

Thus, my solution combined some information I found written by Nick Janvier ( with my current Reddit training programme. Half of the warmups was taken from each, the strength exercise rotation was taken from Reddit and the progressions were used from For interest and clarity my setup is now here:

//Warmup routine

  • Dynamic stretches: Whole body
  • Body-line drills (15-60s): Arch, Side-plank, Hollow
  • Skills (1-5m): Crow stand, L-set, Dragon Flags

//Strength routine: 3 sets of 5-8 reps

  • Horizontal Pull: Advanced Tuck Lever Row
  • Horizontal Push: Incline one-arm pushup
  • Vertical Pull: Archer pull-ups
  • Vertical Push: Modified Russian Dips/Wall handstand pushup
  • Squats: Pistol squats
  • Leg raises: Bent leg V-raises

//Cool-down routine

  • Static stretching: Legs

//Note: Once a week, do barbell squats x2 + deadlift and bench press instead of their respective bodyweight counterparts

I’ve noted that from leaving the changing room to finishing everything takes roughly an hour, using ~60s rest between exercises. I can already say that since I started, progressions are coming along strong and steady and shouldn’t take long at all to master everything if I remain persistent. If anyone stumbles across this and finds it helpful then huzzah, else, I’m just gonna keep trucking along increasing my strength and practicing skills. Mission accomplished if I can walk on my hands within a year.



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