¡Hola! ¿Como estás?

So as people may or may not know I’ve been studying Spanish for a little while now, for 9 months since Christmas of last year. If you know me in person I would have told you by now (hah!) and I’d like to share my thoughts and progress so far – if you’re into Spanish, then hopefully this’ll help!

When I was starting, Duolingo was a brilliant resource to grasp the basic vocabulary and to become a little familiar with the conjugations and verbs. After a while though you realise that you can’t progress further until you really understand the grammar, conjugation and tenses. That’s when I purchased an inexpensive textbook based on grammar and tenses (Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar) link.

To be honest I’ve been real busy finishing an internship with AgeUK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire, scrambling my dissertation work together and taking driving lessons. Not having used the textbook for a while I decided to watch some TV series in Spanish, but what do you watch when you only understand the odd word here and there? 


When I was little I was fascinated by the world of Pokémon and I’ll admit that I know the story and dialogue of the first season pretty much off by heart now. Even if you don’t know this series off by heart like I do I’m sure you’ll have one that you do, which is perfect. Find the series in Spanish dialogue and just follow the story along. I can say truthfully that at first I could only pick up words here and there, but the more I watch the more I can pick up different phrases and meanings and learn a few new words here and there. 

Now that my internship is just about finished and I’m sprinting to finish my dissertation work in time, I’m excited that I can spend some of my free time watching a nostalgic TV series (that’s 17 years old!) and, in due time, pick up a second language. 



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