Happy Mensiversary

For those who don’t know, the word for ‘Anniversary of 1 month’ is technically ‘Mensiversary’ if you follow the words’ origins. Anyway this isn’t a post about a relationship or anything like that, but the realisation that I’ve been employed for a month already as a Mobile & UI Engineer. It’s funny because if I didn’t infer it the way I did then I wouldn’t have known – ask me how long it’s been and I would’ve replied

..a couple of weeks or so. I think.

Earlier this week I was sitting in the office getting programs setup as normal, configuring bits and pieces as you do and checking out if there were any updates. After a couple of minutes through my regular routine a notification pops up.


I read it. Then I read it again. ‘Your 30 day trial of Intellij Ultimate has expired.’ All I could think to myself was “shit, I gotta get something to replace this ASAP“, then the second thing I thought was “hey man, you’ve made it a month!“. It’s a small thing that quickly gets buried over time as you pick up more and more responsibility, but it’s something I want to savour. Coming this far and making sure I still want to work on projects like these for perhaps the rest of my working life.

I… I think I do.

Boy, a month has really flown by.


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