The One-Arm Pull-Up

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but hey – I’m a pretty busy guy. I guess. Not as busy as I used to be but I got plenty of professional and pet projects going on. One of them is as the title says.

Me doing my first one-armed pull-up after my bro's first powerlifting meet.

Me doing my first one-armed pull-up after my bro’s first powerlifting meet.

When I was younger and managed to drop from the class fatty to a regular teenager I got into bodyweight exercises since we didn’t have an amazing gym around or any weights at home. I got really into push-ups and naturally I was interested in learning to master pull-ups as well, but with my lack of knowledge the fantasy of doing it one-handed seemed like just a dream.

After another 5 years consisting of 1.5 years of focused training and 3 months on extreme calisthenics I have achieved what the younger me didn’t think was possible. It isn’t something you can learn in a day, but with incremental progress made over many a day, many a week and many a month. It feels amazing I can tell you that, but it’s simply one among many that I want to hit.

As a wise man once said:

It’s good to take a moment to relish what you’ve accomplished; but once you’re done, swiftly move on to the next target. That’s what separates the average man and a successful one.


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