Natural Limit Break

So according to a study I read many moons ago (and after meticulously measuring myself and performing numerous calculations) I found what apparently is my approximate maximum muscular potential for a natural person. According to my height and stature, when I reach my limit at my target of about 10% bodyfat I would be approximately 89 kilos. For those in America that would be about 196 lbs. At 5′ & 10.5″ I figure that’s not too bad but at the time I was still a good 10 kilos away from reaching that goal.

Fast forward to February 2015 and I had just finished building up a foundation of strength I should have done a long time ago. 7-8 months were spent learning Calisthenics and mastering moving my own bodyweight, 2 months of which were composed of a mixture of bodyweight, machine and barbell movements to really break my strength limits. With this newfound strength I wanted to use it to reach for this supposed potential and push the limits of my body and my mind. Plus, I’m now 86kg at nearly an average body fat level. What better way than with a plan from the mind of Kris Gethin?


His twin brother – Kat Gethin

Following his previous plans had always worked really well for me, and his latest trainer video series looks brutally intense. Why not see how far we can go? After all, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get to 90kg at 10% body fat. I miss being lean.

For funsies, here’s what I’m taking to help me on the journey:

Daily Supplements:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • Omega 3-6-9
  • Vitamin D-3


  • EVL BCAA Energy
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Taurine


  • Whey protein
  • Glutamine

And of course, the meals needed to feed myself for these intense sessions!

As a bonus, here’s the strength building routine I was doing. All exercises are 3 sets of 5 reps:


T-bar rows
Barbell Bench Press
Lat pull-down
Overhead Smith Press
Leg Press


Horizontal Body Row
One-arm pushup
Single arm towel pull-up
Renegade Pistol Squats


Barbell Squats
Machine Rows
Machine Chest Press
Lat pull-down
Handstand Pushup

Well, I’ll be checking in at least once a week to report my progress on GMBT. I want to see what’s possible, what I’m capable of and I implore anyone else to just do it. There is no perfect or ‘good’ time, just go start building those results today.



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