GMBT – Day 50

I’m too busy, I have a job, I don’t have time, it’s too much effort, I have to study I’m in College/University, I’m too tired…

 – Majority of the poulation

Time and time again I hear the same old excuses, and I hear from other people who hear of people who hear the same excuses too. Complaints that for one reason or another they are unable to get their shit together and actually work towards something worthy of your time – your life.

I’ve been a University student on a budget and managed to not only keep up with my workouts and my diet (except the alcohol, students live off alcohol) but compete in a competition and got into the best shape of my life at the time. Transitioning into working life as a young professional I have a job just like most people but I’ve been able to work harder; I can afford a more varied diet, purchase in bulk and for the past 50 days (yes, with a zero) I’ve dragged my ass to the gym 5 times a week. For me I enjoy going as regularly as I do, but it isn’t going to kill you going two or three times a week is it?

The kicker is, I still have the time to manage my responsibilities, spend time with the girlfriend, go different places on the weekend and time to splurge on a video game when I want.

As Gethin would say

Stop giving me your bullshit excuses and start giving me some commitment!

After 2.25 years into the game I’ve gone from 110kg down to 72kg, then bulked up and trimmed to 78kg “contest weight”, and currently 87kg at perhaps 10% give or take 2% body fat? With just 34 days to go, I’m happy at my relative peak and I’m going to stay trim as much as I can all year round after this. Anyone can be happy with themselves and with their body, you just have to get your ass off that couch and start doing something about it.

What are you going to achieve?


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