Month: June 2015

Finisher Sets

So I’ve been training consistently for just over two and a half years now and I’ve tried, failed and succeeded with a number of different techniques to take my training to the next level. One concept that I’ve used lately is the notion of finisher sets. Now, this technique is not for everyone and it isn’t a fix-all method to apply to any workout plan but I believe it to be an invaluable tool to use when you want to keep your level of work high.

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Potatoes: The Perfect Cutting Carbs

Handful of potatoes Handful of potatoes

During the summer undertaking my Masters degree I spent £10 on a rice cooker – a simple no frills cooker that did the job. Ever since then my diet has mostly been rice, white or brown, with whatever I happened to have cooked in the fridge. I thought it was the best thing ever since you can have something you can eat large amounts of when you’re bulking (white), but also something more fibrous and nutritional if you’re trying to cut (brown). Even more so, you can cook it without paying attention! This was going into Autumn and Winter though so it didn’t matter.

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