Chuck’s This Week in UX #1

Hola a todos to the first ever edition of Chuck’s this week in UX! Also known as #chucksTWIX this is the first of a weekly (and sometimes fortnightly) blog series dedicated to shedding light on articles and videos I found to give some new angle or insight on the UX industry. From small tips and tricks to earth shattering discoveries, this is my week in UX.

Apple’s short film on autism proves that accessibility features matter
Romain Dillet. 04 April 2016.

Apple’s short film on autism proves that accessibility features matter

First up an article that shares some videos that Apple has recently released about an autistic young man named Dillan. It resonates with me because all too often the process of creating a new software product doesn’t take into account that there is a significant portion of the population with impairments or disabilities. Why aren’t we designing for them too? I seriously recommend you check it out.

The Best Enterprise UX Is the One You Never See
Sean B. Walter. 11 April 2016.

Sean makes an excellent case here in that enterprise applications are going to have a lot of competition on the UX front from the vast number of startups creating clever software tools. Particularly bridging the gap between work and play stands out the most – on average UK people work nearly 8 hours a week extra per week in unpaid overtime and some or all of it can be as simple as responding to e-mails outside of work. Designing your UX appropriately for enterprise applications can create a much larger impact than you’d think.

Mobile App UX Design: What Strategies Work and Why
Alon Evan. 04 April 2016.

An excellent article covering all of the bases you want to hit when designing and creating mobile applications. Not only do we get past the basics by looking at aspects such as the psychology of colour, on-boarding users and gesturisation but even a hint towards evaluating and analysing the effectiveness of your application with your target users. Definitely check this out whether you’re trying to get into mobile applications or your company has been developing them for a while.

That’s about it for now I hope you enjoyed discovering these articles as much as I did, leave a comment or a like whether you agree with my opinions or not. Until next time,

– Chuck


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