Taking it Easy

There can be a lot of meaning behind the phrase “taking it easy”. You wouldn’t think it at first since it’s pretty common, at least from what I’ve experienced. It can be positive where you’ve put in a lot of hard work and can reap the benefits, or it can be negative to relieve yourself from stress or frustration. Even failure. I’d like to share with you my experiences so far, and how to truly get that feel good feeling when you take it easy.

A brief overview of my background first; I tried the mobile development angle, fell into development using Scala and then embraced the nature of DevOps to really get some context on where my apps were going and how. In terms of time it wasn’t very long but throughout all these changes I’ve had incredible highs and incredible lows.

In between each transition I’ve had a little period of taking it easy, but in a good way. Every current position I’d learn and learn and keep trying to deliver with barely any downtime. A new shift in work inevitably brings a warm up period to get to grips with the new tools and ways of working which felt like an amazing breath of fresh air – taking it easy.

Whilst midway through any particular role there would be plenty to do and plenty of challenges to overcome. Sometimes it would feel like there’s more work to do than there is time, whilst other times the challenge would appear insurmountable. When presented with these you’re under pressure and stress and all you need is a moment to breathe, to have some clarity and see your problem in a new light – taking it easy.

Now, my time is spent thinking about a new role and finding that crucial balance between exploring what I would truly enjoy and providing value both to my employer and to my clients. There will definitely be moments of pressure to deliver in the early stages, but that can be solved by by doing work up front and ahead of time. I’ve found that it creates some space to breathe and set myself up for success.

And so, I leave you on that note to think to yourself next time you’re taking it easy – are you taking a break from the pressure, or are you rewarding yourself and reaping the benefits of your own hard work and preparation?


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