Wake Up Early and Beat Stress

When you’re a baby you do nothing but sleep; that sounds amazing to me right now to be honest! As you get older we know that young kids and teenagers love to stay up late when they can for a variety of reasons, usually whatever they’re passionate about at the time. The stereotype of young adults is to hang on to this habit a little whilst getting just enough sleep to wake up for work the next day. As for me, I grew up enjoying the peaceful mornings and I’ll tell you why it kicks ass.

There’s less people around

For me, I love jumping into the gym at 7:00am and crushing a workout to be healthy and get a rocking body is so enticing. I’ve tried going at lunch time and once after work, but it’s way too crowded and easy to lose focus when you see someone using what you need next and cringe. Let alone the traffic and jesus, the showers. When I get up early the road is clear, there’s spaces to park and even doing the most ridiculous routine I can rotate around 3-4 pieces of equipment if I need.


I think this is my favourite reason to get up early; on a Saturday I get up a little early (but not too early!) and head to town to try a new breakfast place with the missus. It’s usually cheaper than lunch or dinner, compounds with the former benefit i.e. you can get a seat and parking space, and from my experience so far the food is just so much fresher. If you want to be cheeky, have a drink while you’re there! It’s not like you need to wait till 4am in the morning to process all the alcohol before driving home.

All the time in the world

Time is finite for everyone, sure, but there’s something magical about going about your day and enjoying it however you please. Check the clock after thinking “hey, should be late afternoon now like 4pm” but it turns out it’s only about midday. It’s that surprise gain in time that puts a lightness in your step, and studies have shown that people who are rewarded without being told about the reward a priori increases the perceived pleasure of receiving. I know I know, I’m not linking any studies here but trust me on this one. Remember when your parents came with McDonald’s breakfast without telling you? That’s right!

Let your troubles swim away

There’s a reason you see lots of old Chinese people practicing tai chi in the early morning, or old timers jumping out to the golf course at the crack of dawn. Naturally our bodies work with the rise and fall of the sun and after a lifetime in the workforce, a lot of our elders end up with this schedule. It’s not an accident, give it a go and see how you feel.


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