Finisher Sets

So I’ve been training consistently for just over two and a half years now and I’ve tried, failed and succeeded with a number of different techniques to take my training to the next level. One concept that I’ve used lately is the notion of finisher sets. Now, this technique is not for everyone and it isn’t a fix-all method to apply to any workout plan but I believe it to be an invaluable tool to use when you want to keep your level of work high.

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Potatoes: The Perfect Cutting Carbs

Handful of potatoes Handful of potatoes

During the summer undertaking my Masters degree I spent £10 on a rice cooker – a simple no frills cooker that did the job. Ever since then my diet has mostly been rice, white or brown, with whatever I happened to have cooked in the fridge. I thought it was the best thing ever since you can have something you can eat large amounts of when you’re bulking (white), but also something more fibrous and nutritional if you’re trying to cut (brown). Even more so, you can cook it without paying attention! This was going into Autumn and Winter though so it didn’t matter.

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12 Weeks to Maximum Size

It feels like only just yesterday I decided I had built up enough strength, and it was time to embark on an all out muscle building plan. When you’re a student you get by and do what you can but as a working adult you have resources available – to feed yourself, to get there in 15 minutes by car instead of 50 minutes by bus and no excuses really. Here we are 12 weeks later and pleased with the results, packing on 3.6kg with some fat loss. Even better, I’ve learned a lot from it not just about my body but my mind too.

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GMBT – Day 50

I’m too busy, I have a job, I don’t have time, it’s too much effort, I have to study I’m in College/University, I’m too tired…

 – Majority of the poulation

Time and time again I hear the same old excuses, and I hear from other people who hear of people who hear the same excuses too. Complaints that for one reason or another they are unable to get their shit together and actually work towards something worthy of your time – your life.
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Natural Limit Break

So according to a study I read many moons ago (and after meticulously measuring myself and performing numerous calculations) I found what apparently is my approximate maximum muscular potential for a natural person. According to my height and stature, when I reach my limit at my target of about 10% bodyfat I would be approximately 89 kilos. For those in America that would be about 196 lbs. At 5′ & 10.5″ I figure that’s not too bad but at the time I was still a good 10 kilos away from reaching that goal.
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The pre-workout shake

One thing I was advised against using was a pre-workout shake. For those that don’t know what they are, it’s a concoction of various powders that you consume with water prior to your regular workout routine. I’ve heard everything from don’t take them at all due to the addictiveness, take it before a major workout to ingesting it religiously before every session. Wanting to improve my game at the gym and take my training to the next level I decided to investigate a little further and start by making my own. I’d first need something to put it in.
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