Wake Up Early and Beat Stress

When you’re a baby you do nothing but sleep; that sounds amazing to me right now to be honest! As you get older we know that young kids and teenagers love to stay up late when they can for a variety of reasons, usually whatever they’re passionate about at the time. The stereotype of young adults is to hang on to this habit a little whilst getting just enough sleep to wake up for work the next day. As for me, I grew up enjoying the peaceful mornings and I’ll tell you why it kicks ass.

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Taking it Easy

There can be a lot of meaning behind the phrase “taking it easy”. You wouldn’t think it at first since it’s pretty common, at least from what I’ve experienced. It can be positive where you’ve put in a lot of hard work and can reap the benefits, or it can be negative to relieve yourself from stress or frustration. Even failure. I’d like to share with you my experiences so far, and how to truly get that feel good feeling when you take it easy.

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