Raspberry Pi 2 [2/4] Installing Minibian & Minecraft

In this second instalment I will go through the thought process of installing my chosen OS, Minibian, and using it to setup a Minecraft server that can easily host 2-4 people. Also the different Minecraft server options are briefly explored such as Spigot, finally close some best practices I’ve discovered.

If you haven’t seen my first post I recommend reading it here to get some context – if you’re just here for the dirty details, read on!

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Potatoes: The Perfect Cutting Carbs

Handful of potatoes Handful of potatoes

During the summer undertaking my Masters degree I spent £10 on a rice cooker – a simple no frills cooker that did the job. Ever since then my diet has mostly been rice, white or brown, with whatever I happened to have cooked in the fridge. I thought it was the best thing ever since you can have something you can eat large amounts of when you’re bulking (white), but also something more fibrous and nutritional if you’re trying to cut (brown). Even more so, you can cook it without paying attention! This was going into Autumn and Winter though so it didn’t matter.

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12 Weeks to Maximum Size

It feels like only just yesterday I decided I had built up enough strength, and it was time to embark on an all out muscle building plan. When you’re a student you get by and do what you can but as a working adult you have resources available – to feed yourself, to get there in 15 minutes by car instead of 50 minutes by bus and no excuses really. Here we are 12 weeks later and pleased with the results, packing on 3.6kg with some fat loss. Even better, I’ve learned a lot from it not just about my body but my mind too.

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