Raspberry Pi 2 [2/4] Installing Minibian & Minecraft

In this second instalment I will go through the thought process of installing my chosen OS, Minibian, and using it to setup a Minecraft server that can easily host 2-4 people. Also the different Minecraft server options are briefly explored such as Spigot, finally close some best practices I’ve discovered.

If you haven’t seen my first post I recommend reading it here to get some context – if you’re just here for the dirty details, read on!

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Raspberry Pi 2 [1/4]: Selecting an OS

This past weekend I’ve managed to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi 2; long story short I wanted to setup a Minecraft server that would keep running at home to avoid depending on my Macbook, and this was an extremely affordable and, as it turns out, capable little system. After being a Dev turned DevOps at work I used the skills I’ve learned to easily get it running and make my decisions, but others might not be so fortunate. In this short four part series I will go through selecting an OS, getting Minecraft up and running, automated world backups and finally how to get a retro gaming rig going.

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