user experience

Success Through Experimentation


I’ve spent a lot of time recently learning how to take all the knowledge I know about crafting User Experiences and turning that into articulated knowledge and practical applications. Every once in a while there’s something that excites me about UX and design that manifests itself into everyday life, and one of those is when I bought a new pair of jeans from Hollister. If you haven’t seen the “athletic skinny” cut before as pictured above, don’t fret, I’ll explain that to you and show how experimentation leads to business success.

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Most of us will be familiar with this phrase:

The customer is always right.

So, what does it really mean? More importantly for those in design and UX can we learn something from it? After all, most people who have spent a bit of time dabbling in this field have probably heard the term CX – Customer eXperience – used before.
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I recently (by recently I mean about a month ago!) went to a local Meetup hosted by RealUX at Valtech UK in Manchester to see a presentation about the User Experience of Television at the BBC. If you don’t know what the BBC is then you may have to get out from under your rock and see They mentioned this framework and it really struck me as a way to make my life with clients and designing easier and I’d love to share it here.
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