Senior Design Systems Designer • Manchester, UK 🐝

All my Medium posts discussing the challenges of implementing and adopting a Design System, the technical challenges you might face, and the business value delivered.

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A masterclass in modelling Components in Figma
Should you go property-heavy or composition-heavy? A cautionary tale.
A day in the life of a Design System designer
My experiences spending all day, every day, thinking, building, and sharing a comprehensive design system.
The Design System lifecycle: it’s simply push and pull
How tokens, components, and patterns are pushed and pulled into a living, breathing Design System.
A masterclass in sharing Figma’s prototype interactions
Reuse interactions in your prototypes without losing Design System updates by using components, inheritance, and an Interaction Wrapper.
The perfect handoff, according to an ex-developer
Getting the build to match your designs, and what developers really want from a handoff.
Drift: why your Design System isn’t working
Drift is silently killing your efforts to grow and embed a Design System, but there is one role in your team that can prevent that from happening.
How to share Figma components across files
How to share Styles and Components from one file to another, whether you or someone else has compiled them.
The Layman’s guide to Design Systems (and how you can start one now)
An intro for the engineers, the product managers and the founders. Plus, seven ways you can start a Design System today.
When NOT to use Figma auto-layout in your Design System
Auto-layout is fantastic tool to make realistic prototypes even faster, but it’s not always clear when they work against you. What’s more, getting it wrong in your Design System can mean thousands of…
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