Figma Techniques

A collection of my greatest hits, using advanced Figma prototyping techniques.

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Creating scrollable overlays in Figma
See the reasons why making your Overlay scroll is difficult in Figma, the solution, and some limitations worth noting. Great for practicing your Frame-foo.
Mastering frame nesting in Figma
Putting a Frame inside another Frame sounds like madness, but it’s a core prototyping technique you’ll need to learn for truly immersive prototypes.
Create scalable web page layouts in Figma
How to make pages that layout themselves in Figma, allowing you to manage hundreds of pages and focus on designing, not aligning.
Building responsive tables in Figma using the ‘Single Cell’ approach
Tables are often harder to prototype than to code, but taking a single cell design approach can make them responsive and maintainable.
Building responsive components in Figma using ‘Double-Glazing’
How to apply the double-glazing technique to create a set of responsive Components in Figma, to make designing responsive web pages easier.
How to create anchor links in Figma
A tutorial for creating robust and manageable Anchor Links in your Figma prototypes, to test with using your favourite UX Research methods.
How to add multiple interactions in Figma
Walkthrough of using the recently introduced ability to add multiple interaction Triggers in Figma, to enrich the fidelity of your prototypes.
When to use a group or a frame in Figma
Groups and Frames have very different uses in Figma, but it’s difficult at first to tell why both of them exist. I can assure you that they complement each other, but first, you need to understand…