Senior Design Systems Designer • Manchester, UK 🐝

Show notes for episode 18 of the Diary of Design Thinking by Simon Hoang, co-hosted by Chuck Rice.

Edward Chechique is a Product Designer, with a successful extra-curricular track record in sharing and teaching Design and AI on Medium (6.7k followers!), YouTube, and more.

Leading two designers, he knows how crucial it is to be efficient with time.

With Figma updates rolling out thick and fast, we learned it's more important than ever to build your fluency in both Figma and your overall design toolkit. Not just for the "doers", but for the managers, too.

You can also find Edward on LinkedIn.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:45 Who is Edward Chechique
0:09:18 Graphic design education
0:10:40 Discovering Figma
0:12:08 Should design leads stay hands-on?
0:14:30 Helping others become autonomous
0:17:57 Remaining efficient in Figma
0:22:28 Figma's hidden shortcut
0:26:37 Variables, Dev mode, Advanced prototyping: yay or nay?
0:32:11 Designer efficiency
0:36:20 Famous Spanish slogans
0:39:11 How design workflows have changed since ChatGPT
0:45:40 GPT 3.5, or 4.0?
0:50:08 Disadvantages of using ChatGPT and AI
0:55:01 Keeping your authentic voice, even with AI tooling
0:58:05 Synthesizing your own AI voice
0:59:18 Midjourney, stolen art, and stress testing prompts
1:04:00 Defending against fake images and videos
1:06:10 Using chatbots to maintain your friendships
1:09:11 Future for designers
1:14:01 Last words from Edward


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