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Show notes for episode 17 of the Diary of Design Thinking by Simon Hoang, co-hosted by Chuck Rice.

Whether UX, UI, product, research or content design—this one's for all the job hunters and newly minted hiring managers. Our guidance and reassurance in the rapids of the 2023 job market.

We cover balancing the role versus culture, negotiating salary, optimising your CV, landing remote roles, the interview process as it is today, and how to onboard your first hire.

Yes, it's tough out there, but it's not impossible. If we can connect you to anyone or help review your CV for example, drop us a line on Chuck Rice's Linkedin or Simon Hoang's LinkedIn.

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Episode starts
01:50 Job hunting in 2022/2023
01:50 Simon's most recent job hunt
05:40 Role, or culture?
07:00 Making your mark
07:44 Recruiters: yay or nay?
12:29 Negotiating salary
14:59 Optimising your CV
17:47 Design interview processes
23:31 Whiteboard exercises
26:52 What to do when you're stuck
31:30 Hiring and managing your time
36:42 Interns versus Seniors
38:48 Onboarding a new hire
44:01 Does design education prepare you for industry?
47:26 What to look for in a hire?
50:41 Memes and conclusions


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