Senior Design Systems Designer • Manchester, UK 🐝

Senior Design Systems Designer with 9 years in industry, based in Manchester, UK 🐝.

Chuck Rice is a UX-weighted Product Designer and ex-Full Stack Developer, specialising in Design Systems. He has a consistent track record of delivering key business goals on time and on budget.

Here's a visualisation of my skills and tools that I professionally use day-to-day.

Previous employers and clients include Jaguar Land Rover, The Co-operative Bank, Cake Solutions—a Disney Streaming Company—and Anima Health: a Y-Combinator startup.

His speciality is teaching and leading teams, evidenced by the Design System at Residently, speaking at UX Crunch, co-hosting The Diary of Design Thinking, and teaching his Figma course All Figma, No Bull.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.
Landing page of The UX Crunch Manchester, with Chuck Rice featured speaking at a Design Sprint themed event.
I'm still the cover of UX Crunch Manchester.
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